Minutes of Meeting # 59 | ‘Tongue Twisters’

Meeting # 59 was held on 12th November 2016. The theme of the meeting was “Tongue Twisters“. Meeting started at 5:00 PM. Sgt @ Arms TM Umar Mukhtar introduced the President TM Mary Sharon. President called the meeting to order. She then introduced the guests and accepted apologies presented by VP Education TM Saaniya Hashmi. The apologies were TM Mohammed Rashid, TM Tabish, TM Naila and TM Taranjot Singh.

The motion to adopt the agenda was raised by TM Umar and seconded by TM Jahangir.  The motion to adopt the meeting minutes was raised by DTM Khurram and seconded by TM Daij. The President then introduced the Grammarian (TM Eman Abdullah), who introduced her role and the word of the day “Articulate”. President then introduced the Ah-Counter (TM Anna Liza) and she explained her role too. Then, the president gave her Presidential Address.

The president then asked the sub-Secretary TM Hala to check if the quorum was complete to commence the Officers’ Reports and Business Session. TM Hala, after counting the present members, replied with “Yes, the quorum is complete.” Since the quorum was complete, the business session was conducted. DTM Khurram Salman presented TM Mary with a ribbon of presidency. TM Jahangir presented TM Mary with a “Lead & Win award” ribbon as well. TM Umar raised the motion to close the business session while TM Hala seconded it. The President then introduced TM Fatima Allawi the vice president membership to induct TM Fatima Al Kaabi, TM Mohammed Hussain and TM Qassim Mahmood. The President further then allowed the new-coming guests to introduce themselves.

The President introduced the Master of Ceremonies (TM Ebrahim). MC took control and introduced the Timer (TM Fahd) to give the Timing Criteria for all the speakers and evaluators. Then the Educational Session was held. MC introduced the individual Evaluator, TM Jahangir, of the speaker, TM Roya Adel, and gave out the objectives of his speaker. TM Roya gave a speech titled “Crossing Paths” as part of her CC-P10.

After the prepared speech session, a 10-minute break was held.

The MC then introduced DTM Khurram to hold Mock Table Topics Contest with a total of 15 contestants. The Fun & Learn session was cancelled due to timing constraints. The control was then given back to the MC. The MC then introduced the General Evaluator, TM Nada Qamber, to give her valuable evaluation and suggestions on the overall meeting. TM Jahangir then gave his evaluation speech. The General Evaluator asked for the role players’ report. The control was then handed back to MC who called upon the President to present the awards. The CC ribbon was presented to TM Roya Adel as well as a poster made by the members was given as a gift.

Mock Table Topic Contest Winners:

  1. TM Daij Alkhalifa
  2. TM Mary Sharon
  3. TM Fatima Allawi

Best Evaluator:

Best Speaker: TM Roya Adel

President then gave the details for the next meeting that will be held on the 26th November 2016. She also gave her closing remarks and adjourned the meeting at 7:18 pm.


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