Minutes of Meeting # 55 | ‘Ice Breakers’ Night’

Meeting # 55 was held on 17th of September, 2016. The theme of the meeting was “Ice Breakers’ Night”. The meeting started at 5:00 PM. President TM Mary Sharon called the meeting to order after the Sergeant at Arms TM Umar Muhktar gave a brief introduction. She then introduced the guests and accepted apologies presented by VP Education TM Saaniya Hashmi. The apologies were TM Dr. Thuraya, TM Tabish Shoaib, TM Mohammed Suleiman. The VP Education announced that there were no changes to the agenda. The motion to adopt the agenda was raised by TM Jahangir Khan and seconded by TM Umar Mukhtar. The President then introduced the Grammarian (TM Mohammad Rashid), who introduced his role and the word of the day “Embark”. President then introduced the Ah-Counter (TM Sawsan Hassan) and he explained his role too. Then, the president gave her Presidential Address.

The president then asked the Secretary TM Taranjot Singh to check if the quorum was complete to commence the Officers’ Reports and Business Session. TM Taranjot Singh, after counting the present members, replied with “Yes, the quorum is complete.” Since the quorum was complete, the business session was conducted. TM Saaniya Hashmi reminded that the practice sessions for contests will be conducted on every consecutive Saturday until the day of the contests. She also mentioned that 3 meetings will be conducted in the month of October. TM Jahangir Khan provided that whole club with Pins with the BEST logo printed on them. DTM Khurram Salman then thanked TM Jahangir for the pins. DTM Khurram also reminded that it would be compulsory to attend the practice sessions for any member who would be competing in the upcoming contests. Another point put forward was that every member should always bring their manuals in every meeting. He then announced that the BEST club has already achieved many awards during this term, including becoming the first Distinguished Club in Bahrain, the second in the District, and the seventh in the whole world. TM Mary Sharon then kindly requested all members that whenever an ExCom member sends a message, please do reply to them on time. TM Saaniya then raised the motion to close the business session while TM Umar seconded it. The induction ceremony was then held, where TM Romaan Firoz and TM Anna Liza were welcomed as members to the club. The “Fun Facts” Session was held by TM Saaniya Hashmi. The President further then allowed the new-coming guests to introduce themselves.

The President introduced the Master of Ceremonies (TM Taranjot Singh). MC took control and introduced the Timer (TM Umar Mukhtar) to give the Timing Criteria for all the speakers and evaluators. Then the Educational Session was held. MC introduced the individual Evaluator, TM Naila Abdulaziz, of the first speaker, TM Anna Liza, and gave out the objectives of her speaker. TM Anna gave a speech titled “MyStory.exe” as part of her CC-P1. The MC then announced that the next evaluators would only be introduced by name, since the objectives of CC-P1 were already read out by the first evaluator. The second evaluator, TM Fatima Allawi was introduced and then her speaker, TM Ebrahim Abdulaziz, who gave a speech titled “All About Me” as a part of his CC-P1. The third evaluator, TM Roya Adel was introduced, and then TM Eman Abdullah who gave the speech titled “Reaching Forward” as her CC-P1. The fourth evaluator, TM Jonathan Watson, was introduced and then his speaker TM Fahd Naveed, who gave a speech titled “The Maze Runner” as his CC-P1. The fifth evaluator, TM Namrata Nagendra, was introduced with her speaker TM Nauman Tariq, who gave a speech titled “The

Jigsaw Puzzle” as his CC-P1. And finally, the sixth evaluator, TM Ali Sibtain was introduced as well as his speaker, TM Romaan Firoz, who gave his speech titled “YOUnique” as a part of his CC-P1. After the prepared speech session, a five minute break was held.

The Table Topic Session was held after the break and the Table Topics Master was TM Hala Bucheeri. The speakers were TM Mary Sharon, TM Daij Al Khalifa and Guest TM Mohammed Tarradah. DTM Khurram then raised a motion to cancel the The Fun & Learn due to lack of time, which was seconded by TM Hala.

The MC then introduced the General Evaluator, DTM Manal AlMatrook, to give her valuable evaluation and suggestions on the overall meeting. The evaluation speeches were given as follows, by TM Naila Abdulaziz, then by TM Fatima Allawi, followed by TM Roya Adel, TM Jonathan Watson, TM Namrata Nagendra and finally by DTM Ali Sibtain. The control was then handed back to MC who called upon the President to present the awards for the Best Table Topics Speaker, Best Evaluator and Best Speaker.

Best Table Topic: TM Daij Al Khalifa

Best Evaluator: TM Jonathan Watson

Best Speaker: TM Nauman Tariq

President then congratulated the members who took a role for the first time and gave the details for the next meeting that will be held on the 1st of October, 2016. She also gave her closing remarks and adjourned the meeting at 7:22 pm.


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