Minutes of Meeting # 50| ‘Golden Jubilee’

Meeting # 50 was held on 16th July 2016. The theme of the meeting was “Golden Jubilee”. Meeting started at 4:30 PM. Sgt @ Arms TM Mohammad Rashid introduced the Master of Ceremonies TM Saaniya Hashmi. The MC then called on the founders of the club and TM Khurram Salman briefly addressed the audience. The MC then called upon TM Mudassir Ismail to give his outgoing Presidential Address. TM Mudassir then handed the control over to TM Jahangir Khan for the Installation Ceremony. Then DTM Najeeb Razzaque gave his founders address.

After the address, the educational session was held.

The Educational session started off with a debate moderated by TM Ali Sibtain. The teams were, TM Roya Adel, TM Ahmed Saeed and TM Taranjot Singh; and TM Fatima Allawi, TM Hala Bucheeri and TM Mohammed Aftab. Then the Fun Title Session was held by TM Mudassir Ismail. Then TM Khurram Salman gave his final speech “Attainment of a Milestone” and his individual  evaluator was DTM Najeeb Razzaque. After the speech a congratulatory video was played for TM Khurram Salman.

After the speech session, Division C Director DTM Ansar Mohideen gave his address followed by Division K Director TM Thuraya Juma. After the addresses, TM Najeeb Razzaque gave his evaluation for TM Khurram and TM Khurram was awarded with the DTM Title.

Then the District 20 Director DTM Ali Shabaz Ali addressed the audience, which was followed by the debate results. After that MC called upon TM Jahangir Khan to host the awarding and rewarding session. The MC then gave her concluding remarks and called the Incoming President to give her Incoming Presidential Address. The president then adjourned the 50th meeting at 6:50 pm




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