Minutes of Meeting # 29 | ‘Installation Cermoney ’

Meeting # 29 “The Installation Ceremony of BEST 2015-16” was held on 8th August 2015. Meeting started at exact 4:30 PM. Sgt @ Arms TM Tabish Shoaib welcomed all the esteemed guests and members. After welcoming everyone, TM Tabish Shoaib introduced the Master of Ceremonies TM Mary Sharon. TM Mary Sharon after taking over requested that the Educational program be held before the Founder’s Address. Therefore, TM Khurram Salman raised the motion that the Agenda be adopted with the change requested, the motion was seconded by TM Ali Inayat.

The MC then introduced the only Speaker of the evening “TM Ahmed Saeed” who delivered his ice breaking speech titled “Fighting my Fears”. His individual evaluator was TM Ali Inayat, who read out the speech objectives before the speech was delivered. After the speech, a short video in which BEST’s members were asked quick fire questions was played. Then, the evaluation was carried out by TM Ali Inayat. After the evaluation, DTM Najeeb Razzaque delivered the Founder’s Address and conducted the Installation Ceremony.

The Outgoing Ex-Com were TM Tabish Shoaib, TM Irfan Pasha, TM Henna Naseer, TM Roya Adel, TM Ali Sibtain, TM Jahangir Khan and TM Khurram Salman.

The Incoming Ex-Com were TM Mohammed Rashid, TM Ali Sibtain, TM Naima Nizami, TM Mohammad Aftab, TM Anam Naeem, TM Mary Sharon and TM Mudassir Ismail.

Later on, the Incoming President TM Mudassir Ismail delivered his Presidential Address.

Afterwards, TM Rashid Shabbir was introduced as the Debate Moderator, he took over the stage and put forward the Debate Topic “Limitations on Freedom of Speech”. He then introduced Team For that comprised of TM Anam Naeem, TM Naima Nizama, TM Tabish Shoaib and TM Ali Sibtain. Team Against was made up of TM Hanan Safdar, TM Mohammad Aftab, TM Jahangir Khan and TM Maha Ayaz. Both the teams then debated on the topic. After the debate the Division Director TM Khalid Ansari gave his Address. The Fun Title Awards were then presented by TM Mary Sharon. TM Jahangir Khan then presented the awards in the “Awarding and Rewarding Session”. Team Against made up of TM Hanan Safdar, TM Mohammad Aftab, TM Jahangir Khan and TM Maha Ayaz were announced as the Debate Winners.

After the announcement of results, TM Khurram Salman delivered his Area Director’s Address & presented the Club’s Report for 2014-15. Finally, the meeting was adjourned at 7:01 PM after playing the Video Recap of the past term.


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