Minutes of Meeting # 26 | ‘Ramadan Kareem’

Meeting # 26 was held on 27th June 2015. The theme of the meeting was “Ramadan Kareem”. Meeting started at 4:26 PM. Sgt @ arms introduced the President TM Khurram Salman. President called the meeting to order. He then introduced the guests and accepted apologies. President then introduced the Grammarain (TM Risham Naeem), who introduced her role and the word of the day “Forbearance”. President then introduced the Ah-Counter (TM Shahrukh Ansari) to tell about his role. Then he gave his Presidential Address. Business Session commenced right after. Officers gave their reports. No amendments were made in the agenda by the Vice President Education (TM Mudassir Ismail). President proposed to adopt the agenda, seconded by TM Mudassir. Then Business Session was called to order. Vice President Education gave the list of the Sub Committee members for the upcoming Executive Committee. President then adjourned the Business session. After which the Induction Ceremony for TM Maha Ayaz was conducted by Vice President Membership (TM Ali Sibtain). The President then introduced the Master of Ceremonies (TM Roya Adel).

MC took control and introduced the Timer (TM Tabish Shoaib) to give the Timing criteria for all the sessions. Then Educational session was held. MC introduced the first speaker (TM Maha Ayaz), who delivered her Ice Breaking Project from CC manual with the speech title “Art Gallery” and her individual Evaluator was TM Hanan Safdar. The second speaker was (TM Khurram Salman), who delivered his P#6 of the ACS track with the speech title “The Other Fasting”. His individual Evaluator was guest Dr,DTM Jamshaid Gul. All the projects were declared successful.

After the prepared speech session, Table Topic Session was held and the Table Topic Master was TM Mary Sharon. Following proper procedures Fun & Learn Activity session was cancelled due to lack of time.  Then MC introduced the General Evaluator TM Jahangir Khan to give his Valuable Evaluation on the over all meeting and ask for role players report.

Then Awarding session was held. MC announced the names of the Winner.

Best Table Topic Commentator : TM M Rashid

Note: There were no awards for the Best Speaker & Best Evaluator, as only 2 prepared speeches were delivered in the speech session.
MC then gave control back to the President. President gave the details for the next meeting, gave his closing remarks and Adjourned the meeting at 6:23 pm.


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