Minutes Of Meeting # 16 | ‘Contest Day – I’

Meeting # 16 was held on the 27th of December, 2014. It was a contest meeting, the first ever. Evaluation and Humorous Speech contests were held. The meeting started at 5:20 PM. Sgt @ arms introduced the President TM Khurram Salman. President called the meeting to order.He then introduced the guests and accepted apologies. Right after, the control was given to the Contest Chair TM Naima Javed for the Evaluation Contest. Evaluation contest was held with 8 contestants listed below:

  • TM Henna Naseer
  • TM Khurram Salman
  • TM Mary Sharon
  • TM Mudassir Ismail
  • TM Ovais Rasool
  • TM Rashid Butt
  • TM Saif Shawki
  • TM Tabish Shoaib

After the Evaluation Contest commenced, the Chief Guest TM Majeed Dhaif was invited by the President to share a few words and give his Address.


Chief Guest Div C Governor TM Majeed Dhaif receiving hisย Memento

The Chief Guest Address was followed by the Humorous Speech Contest with TM Ali Sibtain as the Contest Chair. The participants of the Humorous Speech Contest were 5 in number and are as follows:

  • TM Ali Inayat
  • TM Irfan Pasha
  • TM Jahangir Khan
  • TM Mary Sharon
  • TM Mudassir Ismail

After the commencement of the Humorous Speech, due to time going above, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM and the announcement of results was done outside the meeting room along with the distribution of certificates for the Assignees. The winners of the contests are as follows:

For Evaluation Contest:

1st Place: TM Khurram Salman

2nd Place: TM Ovais Rasool

3rd Place: TM Mudassir Ismail

For Humorous Speech Contest:

1st Place: TM Irfan Pasha

2nd Place: TM Jahangir Khan

3rd Place: TM Mudassir Ismail


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