Minutes of the Meeting # 11 | ‘BEST TV’

The previous meeting was held on the 11th October 2014 at Al Bader 2 Building, Seef. The theme was ‘BEST TV’ in which a studio environment was simulated and all the speakers were hosts and the evaluators were the sponsors for the show of the hosts.  The meeting started with the Director of BEST TV Mr.Najeeb Razzaque briefing about the importance of going live and introducing his team of Grammarian & Ah-Counter – TM Hinna Naseer and the timer TM Roya who are going to help him in noticing the Grammatical mistakes and the Time of the Live shows and Sponsors evaluation. He then introduced the Host TM Mudassir and with the director’s call of ‘Action’, the BEST TV went live. The broadcast kicked off with the host explaining about how the BEST TV was found along with the introduction of the ones who found it. He then went on to introduce TM Khurram Salman to present the Weekly Editorial.

Right after that, Saif Shawqi came up with the show of ‘The Lazy Optimist with Saif’ and the show was being sponsored by Jahangir Khan. The next show on the BEST TV broadcast was ‘History Mystery with Aftab’ by Mohammad Aftab and he was being sponsored by Khurram Salman. The last show of the evening was by the first time host Noora Othman with the title ‘Breaking the Ice with Noora’ and her show was being sponsored by Rashid Shabbir. All the shows were declared successful.

A humorous news fuse session was conducted by Khurram Salman in which he brought the weirdest and the funniest news from all over the world. His correspondents were Roya Adel and Mudassir Ismail as the Weather reporter.

A long commercial break for 10 minutes was held right after news fuse. After BEST TV resumed, the sponsors gave their feedback to the hosts of the shows. After that the director called upon his team to give the reports. The results for the best show and best sponsor feedback were tallied and they are as follows:

Best Show: Noora Othman

Best Sponsor: Khurram Salman.

After the handing of the awards, the BEST TV live broadcast came to an end at 6:50 PM.


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