Minutes of Meeting # 10 – ‘The Debate Night’



The previous meeting was held on the 27th of September 2014 at Al Bader 2 Building, Seef. The theme was ‘Debate Night’ in which all the members and guests were asked to send their one topic which they think can debate at any point of time and a separate debate was held between Older Generation and the Younger Generation (Details found below).  Sgt @ Arms TM Tabish Shoaib started the meeting on 5:05 asking all the members to switch off their mobiles. He then went onto introduce the President TM Khurram Salman. President called the meeting to order and Introduction of the guests was held right after, there were 9 guests in our last meeting . Business session was conducted followed by the officer’s report and the president introduced the new way of Minutes of previous meeting to be shared via emails. The induction ceremony of TM Noora was done by VP Membership TM Ali Sibtain.

Then came the Presidential Address which was based on the importance of debate and how we go through different debates in our daily life. He then introduced the Grammarian TM Najeeb Razzaque who announced the word of the day to be “Impressed” and which was done in a very different way. This was followed by the introduction of the Ah-Counter TM Roya. President then handed the control over to the Master of the Ceremonies TM Jahangir. TM Jahangir took the mantle and introduced the timer TM Reem.

The speech session was then held. There were three speakers in the meeting. TM Ali Sibtain was attempting her P#5 from CC manual with the title “Louder” and was being evaluated by TM Hala Naseeb (Guest from YAT). TM Tabish Shoaib was attempting his P#6 from CC manual with the title “That Biryani” and was being evaluated by TM Rashid Butt. TM Mohd Aftab  was attempting his P#1 from ACB manual, Story Telling with the title “The Pot Of Death” and was being evaluated by TM Najeeb Razzaque. All projects were declared successful. After the end of the speech session, a five minutes break was announced.



After the break, Debate was conducted with the concept of “Old Generation Vs Young Generation”. The theme of the debate was chosen to showcase how the Younger generation is being blamed in all the fields of their life. The Younger generation was defending themselves by sharing the different lifestyle they have and what their elders lived and learnt. The debate was very successful and well appreciated by the audience. After that it was time for the General Evaluation and MC introduced the General Evaluator TM Naeema Javed (Guest from BLT) to give her views about the overall meeting.  She called upon the individual evaluators to give their evaluations. She also asked Grammarian and Ah-counter to present their reports. The ballots were then collected and counted and TM of the day announced the winners as follows:

Best Speaker: TM Ali Sibtain

Best Evaluator: TM Najeeb Razzaque

Debate Winners: The Older Generation Team

After that TM gave the control back to the President. He then announced the details for the next meeting meeting was adjourned at 7 25 PM.

The agenda of the meeting can be found below.

Meeting Agenda





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